Friday, April 15, 2011

Victoria Beckham’s Powerful Fashion Evolution

She is now known not only for the fashion she wears but for the fashion she creates.

 She’s one of the most promising and surprising designers who recently gained attention.  From being the Posh one of the 90s girl band, Spice Girls, and being the wife of a soccer great, David Beckham, she is now known not only for the fashion she wears but for the fashion she creates.
It was a long and painful journey to fashion greatness.  The whole world was a silent, suffering witness with her fearless and painstaking steps along the way.  
Now, it’s a whole new different ball game.  Victoria Caroline Beckham, 36, through her designer brand VB,  heralded a look that, though can be defined by words, is more visibly characterized by that certain recognizable total look that tells who the designer the moment one sees it.  This is Chanel history repeating itself, which Christian Dior also experienced, now only with a different name:  Victoria Beckham. 
VB’s trademark simple creations are stamped with such simplicity that her fashion evokes well-calculated components that is often, to the ordinary eye, just composed of cut and color.  It’s a beautiful architecture which  mere absence of many things, with only an artist’s vision, perfectionism and precision, is enough to lend a creation a beauty and elegance in the most simple, realistic, elegant and beautiful way.  The end result is always an innovative piece of clothing with such timelessness that it heralds a new classic – a truly magnificent creation that creates a whole new level.
With an innate eye and instinct for fashion coupled with the help of some designer friends who gave her valuable tips Victoria Beckham finally found a style that works for her that a surprised public suddenly took notice of and appreciated.  This eventually made her a threat to other designers with each and every collection she turns out with.

Currently Victoria Beckham is in her fourth pregnancy.  This would soon bring forth a daughter in July that she and David are very much hoping for after having three boys.
With the news confirming her pregnancy much speculation came about on how this English style icon, who currently lives in America, would bring forth a surge in maternity fashion.  All it did herald, though, was celebrities in the same pregnant condition.
With the onset of her pregnancy her design label Victoria Beckham (VB) started turning out loose-fitting clothes, still sophisticated and sexy but, a deviation from her trademark hug- the-body silhouette.  With the valuable talent of the people who work under her name no designer label dared touch maternity fashion during her pregnancy.  It’s worthwhile to take note that these loose-fitting clothing of VB are not even maternity fashion themselves but another well-calculated, innovative and timeless pieces.
Just a few days ago Victoria was caught by the paparazzi in a billowing grey jumper dress from her collection while she was in Los Angeles airport.  She was sporting the dress’ coordinating bag and black ankle boots.

Though with only some weight added on by the bump coupled with the tea and toast with lashings of marmalade that served as her pregnancy cravings it makes sense to say that with or without that enviable figure Victoria has truly found fashion, made the public appreciate her for it and had gotten the one in a million opportunity to revolutionize it.

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