Saturday, November 20, 2010

News: William's Women Who Could've Been the Future Queen of England

A list of women reported by the press linked to Prince William put together for mere entertainment of picturing them in the shoes of Kate Middleton.

Rose Farquhar:  William's first serious girlfriend.  They had known each other since childhood.  An aspiring actress she is the daughter of Captain Ian Farquhar, master of the Beaufort Hunt.

Arabella Musgrave:  The one who Kate said that William shouldn't see anymore when William asked Kate to get back together with him after their first break-up.  William and Arabella had known each other since childhood because her father, Major Nicholas Musgrave, managed Cirencester Park Polo Club.  It was in the summer of 2001 when they met again that Arabella caught William's young adult eyes.  They put the relationship on hold when William went to univesity since William didn't want Arabella to wait for him.  However, William would continue seeing Arabella even after Carley Massy-Birch, Olivia Hunt  and later Kate Middleton are already in the picture.

Carley Massy-Birch:  Started dating William on his first term at St. Andrew's.  The affair was short-lived because Arabella Musgrave is starting to become a distraction and Carley asked William to choose between her or Arabella.

Olivia Hunt:  She dated William but 'quit the scene' when Kate Middleton arrived.

Jecca Craig:  It's hard to decide in what order Jecca entered the picture as a potential queen of the future king since she and William had known each other since childhood.  She is the daughter of British conservationist Ian Craig and William loves visiting her family's 55,000-acre game preserve.  She was the one rumored to whom Prince William was first engaged to.  She works as a party events manager.

Anna Sloan:  An American who made Kate doubt William's commitment to her.  William and Ana met through mutual friends.  When her businessman-father died in a shooting accident in their 3600-acre farm in Tennessee she and William bonded together having experienced the loss of one of their parents.  As a sign of thanks William was invited by Anna to accompany her and her friends for a holiday.  However Anna's friends say Anna was not romantically interested in William.

Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe:  An heiress to a banking fortune she was the one who rejected William's  advances and bravely declared she's not interested in him. She's the one who could give Kate a run in the looks department.  

They all have the capacity to be in William's circle.  They all have big-time families and a fortune large enough to make themselves available in Prince William's vision.  However, it had been firmly pointed out that these women didn't even try to pursue the prince.  Some even declared non-interest in the heir to the throne.  

Probably that's why William persisted one after the other.