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Lifestyle: British Royal Weddings (in Pictures and Videos) and their Current Status

The British Monarchy has been around for over 1,200 years.  Ergo, the royal marriages pictured here  aren't enough.

Still, here is the compilation of the modern royal marriages:  the ones that Kate Middleton would have her picture and William lined up with come this April.  These marriages are the bluest of the blue when it comes to proximity to the royal throne.

Starting with the marriage of Prince William's great-grandparents, the Duke of York (who later became King George VI) and Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, here is the epitome of British families and many families the world over – the beauty of its beginnings and the sad current fate many marriages find themselves in.

26 April 1923: The wedding of the Duke of York (King George VI ) to Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon = successful union

Albert Frederick Arthur George was the second son of King George V and had the title the Duke of York.  He married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (the late Queen Mother) and they had two daughters, Princess Elizabeth (now the Queen) and Princess Margaret.

After the Duke's father's death his older brother Edward ascended to the throne.  However King Edward VIII was advised that he cannot remain  king and still be able to marry his American-twice-divorced-socialite-girlfriend, Wallis Simpson.  He abdicated and later became known as the Duke of Windsor.  The Duke of York ascended and took on the name King George VI.

King George VI's Family

King George VI's Wedding

20 November 1947: Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) and Philip Mountbatten = successful union

The present Queen was still a princess when she married Prince Philip.  They had four children:  Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

The Queen's Wedding

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth

6 May 1960: The wedding of Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones = unsuccessful union

The late Princess Margaret was the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth.  She was in love with a divorced older man, her father's equerry, before she abandoned her feelings for him.  As the sister of the Monarch the monarchy thought a union between her and Group Captain Peter Townsend was unsuitable.  Princess Margaret then went on to marry photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones who was made the Earl of Snowdon.  They had two children:  Viscount Linley (David Albert Charles) and Lady Sarah Chatto.

The marriage failed due to the Earl's wandering eye and extramarital affairs that produced a child.  He later went on to have other children after their 1978 divorce.

 14 November 1973: Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on their wedding day = unsucessful union

The Princess Royal, currently the tenth in line to the British throne, is the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.  Having competed in the Olympic Games as an equestrienne she married another Olympic equestrienne, Mark Anthony Peter Phillips.  They produced Peter Phillips and Zara Phillips, also a keen horse rider.  Cause of marriage's failure is Captain Phillips' wandering eye and an extramarital affair that produced two children.

Princess Anne's Wedding

Princess Anne's Children on Interview About Her

Zara Phillips - Another Olympian

12 December 1992: Wedding of Princess Anne and Tim Laurence at Crathie Church, Balmoral, Scotland = successful union

Princess Anne was given a second shot at love by Vice-Admiral Timothy James Hamilton Laurence.  Though the Queen refused to be at her daughter's second wedding she is still happy for her and welcomed her new son-in-law with open arms.  So far, Vice-Admiral Laurence had reciprocated this by staying true to form as a son-in-law if a monarch.

29 July 1981: Prince Charles and Diana Spencer on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on their wedding day = unsuccessful union

Prince William and Prince Harry's parents.  With the transpareny of both parties in washing their dirty laundry in public it is still up to people's imagination up until now on why the marriage crumbled.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana's Wedding

23 July 1986: The wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Also on the balcony Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, the Queen Mother and Prince Edward = unsuccessful union

The second son of Queen Elizabeth married the “redhead” famous till now because of her recurring and never-ending ability to accumulate debts.  The Duke and the Duchess of York had Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.  The marriage ended due to the Duchess' extramarital affairs.

9 April 2005: Prince Charles and Camilla at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle after their civil wedding = successful union

Camilla, the current Duchess of Cornwall was then Camilla Shand when it was reported that she couldn't wait for Prince Charles to return from the military.  She then went on to marry Andrew Parker Bowles, another military man.  Charles went on to marry Diana.  However, they still couldn't forget their love for each other and after Diana's death the monarchy took a chance and let Charles marry her.  This is the only brave thing the monarchy did for this union.  Still shaking with this decision on how the public would react the monarchy didn't even toyed with the idea of giving Camilla the title Princess of Wales (the title Princess Diana has until her death) after her husband's title as the Prince of Wales.  

19 June 1999: Prince Edward and Miss Sophie Rhys-Jones = successful union

So far, this is the only marriage of the Queen's four children proving to be successful.  Prince Edward, the current Earl of Wessex went on to marry businesswoman Sophie Rhys-Jones.  They have two children:  Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Lifestyle: Princess Beatrice's Secrets in Keeping Marathon Figure

Princess Beatrice with mother Sarah Ferguson.
Having inherited her mother's tendency to put on and retain weight, the Queen's granddaughter and fifth in line to the throne, is naturally chubby.

However due to media intrusion and interest she was knocked to consciousness when unflaterring shots of her in a bikini taken about two years ago surfaced.

Princess Beatrice curvy on the beach in an unflattering bikini in St Barts in April 2008.

Though claiming a bit hurt with the intrusion and feedbacks on her curves but acknowledging that it comes with the territory it was a bit of a blessing when a marathon, that she and her friends signed in, was coming up.  Due to the training she lost about 21 lbs.

Princess Beatrice now maintains her  figure with the help of a trainer and portion control.  She is known to take an active part in every marathon there is whenever her studies in Goldsmiths College would allow her.

Princess Beatrice 21 lbs. less.  Looking svelte in May.

A sample of Princess Beatrice’s diet :

Breakfast: porridge and blueberries

Lunch: salmon with rice salad

Dinner: grilled chicken kebabs and roasted vegetables

Snacks: two oatcakes and peanut butter, pitta and hummus

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Supermodels: A Historical Look on Iconic Supermodels from Then to Now

A look at the female supermodels then and now and what made them leave that stamp on the modelling world. 

An English supermodel forever known for her large eyes, long eyelashes and thin build.

Margaux Hemingway
The granddaughter of writer Ernest Hemingway and the older sister of actress Mariel Hemingway.  She suffered from alcoholism, bulimia, epilepsy and was dyslexic.  At six feet she holds the record of the first million dollar contract with  Fabergé's Babe perfume.

Beverly Johnson
Credited for paving the way for black models by having bestowed on her the privilege of gracing the cover of American Vogue in the 70s.

Janice Dickinson
The first self-proclaimed supermodel and now owns her own modelling agency.

Lisa Fonssagrives
A Swedish supermodel who trained as a dancer.  She was born on 1911 and died in 1992.

Dorian Leigh 
Known as an intellectual - she finished high school at 15 because she preferred to take as many classes at once.  Born in 1917 she died in 2008.  

Gia Carangi 
Her life movie had been starred in by Angelina Jolie.  She died at 26 because of HIV.  

Jean Shrimpton 
Launched the miniskirt.  An 'unusual' model in the sixties she would wear short dresses, no hat, no stockings, no gloves and has a fascination for wearing men's watches.

Chery Tiegs 
The first favorite of Sports Illustrated as their cover girl.  

Known for her 5'11” , 38-23-36 frame, doe eyes, delicate cheekbones, dark hair and classical, aristocratic look she was the standard beauty of the 50s and 60s.  She founded Wilhelmina Models at the peak of her career.

Now a countess she was born on 1939.  In her peak she was earning $10,000 a day. 

Lauren Hutton 
Made the gap between the two front teeth fashionable.

Donyale Luna 
The first African-American model in Vogue.  The 1945-born model died of a drug overdose.

The first American-Somali supermodel.  She is married to David Bowie.

Carol Alt 
The first to make her own posters and calendars.  

Christie Brinkley
The former Mrs. Billy Joel had the longest running contract with Cover Girl cosmetics.

Kim Alexis 
The only supermodel very vocal about her faith.  She is a born-again Christian.

Paulina Porizkova 
A Czecholovakian-born model and the first woman from Eastern Europe to have a cover on Sports Illustrated.

Elle Macpherson 
An Australian who in 2010 became the host and executive producer of Britain's Next Top Model.  Her assets is estimated to be around £60 million.

Linda Evangelista
A Canadian supermodel who is notoriously remembered for “supermodels don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day.”

Christy Turlington 
Would be forever remembered for her $800,000 pay for twelve days of work every year with Maybelline cosmetics in 1991.  

Claudia Schiffer 
A German model who first gained attention due to her resemblance to Brigette Bardot.  Her net worth is $55 million.

Cindy Crawford
A high school valedictorian she made the mole above her upper lip a supemodel asset.

Kate Moss 
A British model who is known for her waifish figure and short height.  She is barely 5'7”. 

Naomi Campbell
A black British supermodel who would forever be remembered for her violent temper that had lead her to many legal issues.

Laetitia Casta 
A French supermodel who gained notoriety when she relocated to London to escape taxes in France.

Eva Herzigova 
The Wonderbra girl.

Carla Bruni
Currently the first lady of France and former lover of many rockers.

Tatiana Sorokko
The “eagle-eyed iconoclast” and “fad-making model.”

Helena Christensen
The former Miss Denmark who crossed over to becoming a supermodel.

Adriana  Sklenaříková 
A Slovak supermodel who was studying to be a doctor only to give it up to become a model.  She is married to French football player Christian Karembeu.

Milla Jovovich 
The Resident Evil supermodel.

Gisele Bunchen 
“The Brazilian” who is the sixteenth richest woman in entertainment with a $150 million fortune.

Adriana Lima 
Another Brazilian who is also a Victoria's angel model and a second placer in Ford's Supermodel of the World competition.

Alessandra Ambrosio 
A Brazilian supermodel described by Tyra Banks as the “future of the modelling world.”

A German-born model who is famous for her Project Runway hosting gig.

Tyra Banks 
Host of her then show Tyra.  She is the current host and creator of America's Next Top Model. 

Karolina Kurkova
A former angel of Victoria's Secret she is praised as having the proportions of body and face that make her the next supermodel.

Miranda Kerr
The Mrs. of Orlando Bloom she is the first Australian to be a Victoria's Secret angel.

Marisa Miller 
Dubbed the “return of the great American supermodel.”

Doutzen Kroes
A Dutch Victoria's Secret angel.  In May 2009 she was fifth in the World's 15 Top-Earning Supermodels.

Hilary Rhoda
Dubbed the young Brooke Shields.

Raquel Zimmermann
A Brazilian who started modelling at 14 and who is currently the thirteenth on the Top Model Icons of All Time.

Coco Rocha
A Canadian model of Irish, Russian and Welsh descent who verbally admitted that her handlers never wanted her to be anorexic but they want her to look like one.

Jessica Stam
A Canadian supermodel with the doll face was discovered in a coffee shop.  The only girl of a family of six brothers this farm girl wanted to be a dentist.  When she won the Los Angeles Model Look Search in 2002 Steven Meisel, one of the most successful photographers of our time, cast her in every print ad campaign of his.

So far, that's about it.  

Women with the legs that never end, high cheekbones, perfect proportions...  A minute few in the long line of women who graced magazines and left their imprint long before many of us had been born.  The women who personifies beauty at its ultimate perfection that transcends generations.