Saturday, November 13, 2010

Entertainment: Video of Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee Leaked

She’s called the ‘Ice Queen’ due to her stunning blond looks.

Now even at 38, the daughter of actress Blythe Danner and film and television director and producer, the late Bruce Paltrow, is still rocking the house with her looks, Oscar-caliber acting and singing.

It’s been quite a few months when it was reported that Gwyneth would guest star in Glee. After working hard doing research from her friends like country singer Faith Hill and even Beyonce Gwyneth is destined to make another record in Glee’s audience share.

A sample of Gwyneth singing in the episode entitled ‘The Substitute’ scheduled to be aired in America on Tuesday, November 16, is leaked in the net.

Sporting mini-kilt and knee-high boots and playing Holly Holiday she becomes William McKinley High’s saucy singing teacher replacing Mr. Schuester when he gets the ‘monkey flu’.

Gwyneth would do Cee Lo’s Forget You, Rihanna’s Umbrella and Singin’ in the Rain.

The kids of Glee would fall in love with Gwyneth. Happy McKinley High students caused by a teacher usually means a displeased Sue Sylvester.

World News: Saudi Arabia’s Ban on Facebook: the Shortest on Record

One of the most powerful but most conservative countries in the world created huge, huge waves of disappointment among the million users of the most popular networking site: Facebook. However after a few hours the Associated Press reports that Saudi Arabia decided to lift its temporary ban.

Having no official reason for the censorship an insider who decided to speak only in anonymity said the web giant “crossed the line”. Facebook created a bad aftertaste in Saudi officials, wherein strict interpretation of Islam is a law, after the government saw it as a “door of lust” wherein guys can talk to girls freely with no holds barred. The inability of Facebook to censor anything posted on it also didn’t fare well with Saudi’s Communications and Information Technology Commission. Facebook is “blasphemous and lascivious”.

Facebook’s headquarters in California didn’t issue any comment on the site being banned and even after the site was restored. This ‘no comment’ policy of Facebook is the one implemented whenever governments anywhere in the world are the ones who decide on their site’s fate in their own countries.

Pakistan and Bangladesh both had temporary bans on Facebook this year.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Entertainment: Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alex Beh at Last Out with Their Relationship

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alex Beh finally admitted they are a couple.

After denials even with proofs of photos: at Toluka Lake, completing half a marathon together and even being snapped by a paparazzi just yesterday Ghost Whisperer’s Jennifer Love Hewitt, 31, and actor-director Alex Beh, 27, was hand in hand at the charity event Rock the Kasbah last night. It was presented by Richard Branson and Eve Branson at The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles.

Rock the Kasbah is in its fourth year already and benefits Virgin Unite and the Eve Branson Foundation.
Wearing a white long dress with an embellished sweet heart neckline with a draped sleeve falling elegantly over her shoulder and around the back Jennifer looked stunning. She wore her hair in a voluminous swept back ‘do.

Jennifer and Alex had been linked since July after Jennifer broke up with her Ghost Whisperer co-star Jamie Kennedy in March.

Sports: Elin Nordegren to Auction Tiger’s Jewels

  The thirty-year-old ex of Tiger Woods solicited Sotheby’s to auction off the gems Tiger gave her during their marriage.  The jewels, which include their engagement ring, were estimated to be worth $2.5 million.  Jewelry from Tiffany, Harry Winston and Cartier are bound to transfer hands from the former Mrs. Woods to another wealthy buyer.

While insiders claim that Elin doesn’t need the money and she had loved what the jewels represented it lately dawned on her that these jewels probably were given to her by Tiger to make up for his infidelities.

While Elin was busy bearing and taking care of children and studying at night to finish her Psychology degree Tiger got busier with mistresses ranging from barmaids, hostesses, cocktail waitresses, good-time girls, hookers and porn stars. 

As with Tiger whether it is karma, turbulent state of mind, lost of support from people who helped him become a legend he barely made it at the end of the recent professional golf tour without a win.

Finance: The Kardashians Launch Their Credit Card

It’s the Kardashian Prepaid Debit MasterCard by Mobile Resource Card. 

When the target are teens, the product is a credit card, the ones marketing are people known to have zero financial credibility no one having a marginal IQ would consider giving this card to a teen. 

It’s no secret that a member of the Kardashian family once fell behind paying her taxes. Another member even battled a shopping addiction.  Why would any respectable card company ask the same family to be the face of their credit card?

Those born yesterday would be sold out with the marketing boast of parents being able to track their kids’ spendings via this card.  But this can be done with most debit and credit cards as long as parents have access to these accounts.  Money transfer from mobile to card and text messages showing balances are the plus factors of the Kardashian Prepaid Debit MasterCard that other credit cards also have.

Don’t even bother knowing the interest from sole possession of this card.  So far the Upside Edge from Visa is the most recommended for teens.  It costs only $29.95 a year and gives cash-back rewards equal to 1% of funds loaded.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Outrageous: Twinkies Diet Made a Man Lose 27 lbs. in Ten Weeks

Mark Haub, a professor of nutrition, participated in an experiment that is supposed to be only his class’ school project. He would like to find out whether it’s the kind of food humans eat that make us lose weight or it’s the amount of calories that we take in that affect our weight.

For 10 weeks Haub ate mostly twinkies and some junk foods that caught his fancy. Haub lost 27 pounds.

Skipping a proper meal and consuming instead one twinkie every three hours his body fat became 24.9% from 33.4%. His bad cholesterol became low by 20% and his good cholesterol was raised by 20%.

For variety Haub substituted the twinkies every now and then with Duncan Hines brownies, Cool Ranch Doritos, Little Debbie cakes, Kellog’s corn pops and Oreos.

Caution to the sudden believers of the Twinkies Diet: big people lose big once they stick to the normal recommended calories.

Prior to this experiment Haub was consuming about 2,600 calories daily. He did the Twinkies (Sugary / Junk Food) Diet but limited himself to only 1,800 calories. One twinkie has 150 calories and that’s less than half of a proper, normal meal. It’s no wonder he lost 27 lbs.

Entertainment: Romance Between Foodie Giada de Laurentiis and John Mayer Denied

Jennifer Aniston’s ex is currently being linked to Food Network Star and regular contributor of the ‘Today’ show 40-year-old Giada de Laurentiis. 

Granddaughter of the legendary movie producer, Dino De Laurentiis (credited for revamping the Italian film industry after World War II), Giada strove to make it on her own to get away from anything that has to do with the film industry and instead went on her own to become a chef.  Ironically, she still ended in front of the camera.

Rumors of the said affair between married Giada and John, 33, appeared in the tabloid ‘Star’ which reported that the two were cozying up to each other and appears to be going home.

Giada, through her rep, firmly denies the rumors and slammed ‘Star’ in lying just to entertain readers.  Giada’s rep says Giada and John met briefly in 2007 but hadn’t seen each other since.

John’s rep says, “The claims are absolutely ridiculous.”

Giada is married to Todd Thompson since 2003 and they have a 2-year-old daughter.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Outrageous: Hype on Children’s High Fashion Designer Clothing

Before Jennifer Lopez’ twins modeled for Gucci’s children’s line many celebrity kids’ clothing attire had already been documented by the media.

Topping everyone in the celebrity kids style stakes is Tom Cruise’s only biological daughter, the mini me of Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise.

Already causing waves with the designer clothes and accessories she has the four-year-old’s parents seemed to be okay even with the furor of negative comments such lavish spending brings about.

And now, many designers, even the sensible ones are following suit.  Among the fashion giants making money on parents’ way of compensating for their lack of time for their children are D&G, Stella McCartney, Dior, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, etc.

Whatever price these designers brag is their lowest the starting price of £14 still begs clarification since in reality this would only go as far as buying only a designer baby t-shirt.

Psychologist Dr. Colin Gill implies that throwing away money to eliminate difficult parts of our lives – like caring for our children – is stemming over to parents buying expensive pieces of clothing to make up for their self-accepted shortcomings in providing quality time for their children.