Saturday, November 13, 2010

World News: Saudi Arabia’s Ban on Facebook: the Shortest on Record

One of the most powerful but most conservative countries in the world created huge, huge waves of disappointment among the million users of the most popular networking site: Facebook. However after a few hours the Associated Press reports that Saudi Arabia decided to lift its temporary ban.

Having no official reason for the censorship an insider who decided to speak only in anonymity said the web giant “crossed the line”. Facebook created a bad aftertaste in Saudi officials, wherein strict interpretation of Islam is a law, after the government saw it as a “door of lust” wherein guys can talk to girls freely with no holds barred. The inability of Facebook to censor anything posted on it also didn’t fare well with Saudi’s Communications and Information Technology Commission. Facebook is “blasphemous and lascivious”.

Facebook’s headquarters in California didn’t issue any comment on the site being banned and even after the site was restored. This ‘no comment’ policy of Facebook is the one implemented whenever governments anywhere in the world are the ones who decide on their site’s fate in their own countries.

Pakistan and Bangladesh both had temporary bans on Facebook this year.