Saturday, April 9, 2011

Carole Middleton: Future Grandmother of a Potential Heir to English Throne Badly Hit with 15/50 Syndrome

15/50 is a phenomenon recently coined because many mothers are now trying hard or unconsciously dressing like their young daughters.
 Nothing actually morally bad with that. It’s just that it becomes quite hilariously funny for anyone who would see a trim and/or fashionably young figure from the back only to be surprised, frightened or plainly head-scratchingly-disappointed to see upfront a 50+-year-old woman who, in spite of all the best cosmetics, toiletries and even surgery done to her face, still looks old.
Not that am even suggesting that Carole Middleton, Catherine Middleton’s (future wife of Prince William) mother, had anything done to her face.
 Instead Carole Middleton is a glaring example of how one who was monetarily deprived in her youth (or plainly never got attention and is still trying hard for attention now) is making up through the dresses and/or shoes she wears. In result she looks like she is dressing like her daughter. However which way Carole Middleton was a flight attendant before she became a millionaire when she and husband Michael Middleton set up Party Pieces – an online mailing company of children’s party accessories. She definitely has more money now enough to qualify them as millionaires.
Not that aquiring things now when one was deprived of them then is bad. One needs therapies in forms like these every now and then. But when a woman is dressing up like one of her daughters it either is a sign of being hardheaded in accepting her age (in spite of the wrinkly skin, cellulite, sagging arms and thighs and lack of figure and all) or just being plain uneducated in how one, six years past the half century mark, should dress.
Middle-aged women should not, on the other hand, look frumpy. They should look like human beings blessed with the wisdom of their years. They should look respectable enough that their experiences and stature as mothers (way past half the century mark) should look.
Royal followers are aware that snobbish noses turned up the very first time Carole Middleton caught the spotlight as one of Prince William’s guests in his Sandhurst graduation chewing gum. “So this gum-chewing-woman is the potential mother-in-law of the future king of England?” they thought. “Not only was being a former flight attendant quite unimaginable for the possibility of this woman being a mother-in-law to Prince William but to chew gum on his graduation? No class at all.”
In the pictures below spot where Carole Middleton got it wrong. Below are proofs detailing where she and many other women in her age range get it wrong. Note that Carole Middleton still dresses the conservative English way (though it’s the conservative yound adult English way) compared to other women hit with the 15/50 phenomenon.
 At 56 years of age and wearing short skirts, flat boots and navy jacket. Forget even her well-toned body. Old is old. No offense but if looks betray a mature woman’s age men and women still know that other parts of her anatony would still give her away.
 The picture of Kate Middleton’s parents after her engagement announcement. Carole Middleton turned up for the world press in tight skinny jeans and high heeled boots with a cropped zipper jacket that looked like it was from Topshop. The thing that glaringly shows how Carole Middleton refuses to dress her age is that Topshop is for the young market. Even Kate Moss, the somewhat old supermodel now, who was in charge for some years of the clothes from Topshop, was around 36 years old when she got that job. How young is 36 compared to 56? One is a mother to a six-year-old child and the other is a mother to a 29-year-old-daughter.
  Trying to look young makes a woman look old. Tangerine cocktail dress even more revealing than that of her daughter’s. Too young, too tight, too bright. Too trying hard. Too bad taste. Too needy to be educated on how to dress her age. Too many like these happening these days.
Here is a bright shining example of how women of Carole Middleton’s age and stature should dress. Princess Michael of Kent may be 10 years older that Mrs. Middleton but she definitely looks younger, more cultured, wiser and more in command of the respect women way past the century mark deserve.

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