Monday, April 4, 2011

No Wedding Ring for Prince William

There’s still that forthcoming wedding though. England’s second-in-line-to-the-throne decided to forgo the wedding band, the simplest and surest sign that anyone is legally and morally taken. Palace officials confirmed this staggering news with the clarification that this is with William’s future wife, Catherine Middleton’s, blessings. Buckingham Palace clarified that Catherine would be the only one to get to wear the family heirloom Welsh gold band to be given by Queen Elizabeth.

The choice of not wearing a wedding band is one of the accepted modern acts couples exercise these days. This goes alongside a bride’s choice not to take on her husband’s surname coupled with the now most popular separate bank accounts. However Prince William marrying without a wedding band may be considered too drastic as a decision for an heir to an institution steeped with tradition.
Blessed with the wisdom of any couple their age, Catherine is 29 while William a few months younger at 28, Kate and William already know what they can get away with even if they are a young couple of a royal institution.
Reports of a finger food buffet, charitable donations instead of gifts and some emailed invitations are sure signatures of the young, modern couple who had been living in together since their university years albeit reported quiet disapproval from the late Queen Mother and the present Queen. This birth of a new, modern, no nonsense, wise young royal couple had been signaled right from the start when the very first news regarding their wedding is the bride’s limo ride, instead of the usual carriage ride, to Westminster Abbey.
 As much as the only ring that would be visible forever on William’s hand would be the signet ring that men of his position wear there’s no need for any wedding band to ward off any potential, however subtle temptation, as the whole world would be watching and reading about his wedding to the incomparably beautiful, statuesque, patient and understanding Kate Middleton on April 29.

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