Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nip Slip Queen Emma Watson Flashes Again

Emma Watson after the nip slip.
Nip slip undone.
Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger – Emma Watson in real life, daughter of lawyers and a student at Brown University may not have the most number of nip slips in Hollywood but her status warrants her the title.
The 20-year-old fashion icon known for her now chic gamine look and who is worth £19 million can make anyone’s head scratch for her au naturale tendency to slip the nip.
Recently out with two girl friends en route to a pre-Baftas party at Mark’s Club in London the nip tape, supposed to prevent such disasters we’re already used to seeing her in, of her short navy blue silk dress with a plunging neckline came undone. Her girlfriends seemed uncomfortable about it but the veteran Emma showed a straight face (amidst reports that she is aware of the mishap).
Guess the six-figure deal sealed she had with Lancome was responsible for her chin up approach. Who wouldn’t?

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