Saturday, February 26, 2011

Justin Bieber’s Ego Out of Control

 Counting five the totality of the reported acts of diva behavior none was caught live on television as the one that Justin exhibited in the US chat show The Talk.
Still doing the rounds promoting his book “First Step 2 Forever” and his movie “Never Say Never” Justin screams “Don’t touch my hair! ” when one of The Talk’s hosts tried to put a cap on his head. He’d rather have three eyes than wear the cap that has the name of the show on it he says.
Obviously the handlers and even his mother are only doing the job of enjoying everything that comes with being associated with him.
It had also been reported that in May he told a production team member of an Australian show “not to f****** touch me again” when he was merely being instructed where to perform.
This young generation’s hero even did a walkout at Radio 1’s Big Weekend when he was asked about his tattoos.
Last week when he received the gong for Best International Breakthrough Act at the Brit’s Awards he demanded the best table and asked access to all areas.
Last year there was even one TV host who candidly admitted that Justin is a spoiled brat.
In fairness sake, with the fact that he had known nothing and was taught nothing since he was little than hone his talent in the hope of a better life the boy does get tired. Though everyone has a wicked side that always comes up during tense, tiring moments this is very much expected in the case of this seventeen-year-old who works to support his mom and the people he employs and those who employ him.
If Justin’s handlers and mother aren’t doing their work maybe the parents of his young fans do theirs. Treat it like Rated PG during every viewing.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kate Middleton Successfully Starts Life as a Princess (-to-be)

 In their first official task in Wales since announcing their wedding on April 29 Prince William and his soon-to-be wife (and soon-to-be Duchess, probably) Kate Middleton launched an RNLI lifeboat, Atlantic 85 Hereford Endeavour, off Anglesey on the northwest coast of Wales.
Around 1,000 braved the cold on the seaside village of Trearddur Bay to catch a glimpse of the beautiful brunette who would soon be living in their midst after marrying the second-in-line to the English throne. William is assigned in their locale as a military pilot. Reports of Kate sightings out and about doing shopping and groceries in town are also abundant with the local crowd paying respect by not bothering her.
Giving the beaming smile the world is now getting accustomed to Kate looked confident as she poured the champagne over the boat. She was also commended for singing the Welsh national anthem perfectly.
Showing the brand of a young royal couple more in touch with reality and the public William and Kate were praised for apologising to the people for keeping them out. Kate even reportedly told an onlooker that “You’re going to need a warm cup of tea after this.”
She was then handed a bunch of daffodils as well as two framed photos of a young Prince William with the late Princess Diana and Prince Harry to which Kate laughed indicating William’s knees.
As for Kate’s attire to which she would forever be watched out for royal watchers are keen to point out with pride that Kate seems to be putting an end to the notion that more is better. Her brown coat seemed to be that of the one she was pictured in way back 2006 though this time she seemed to have it cut shorter for a new look.
Good for her. About time someone prominent as she is is teaching a lot of women a valuable lesson.

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Beyonce Accused of Racism

 She’s been considered a princess of her generation. With her looks, talent and inability to put her foot wrong she was able to bring forth what she has to offer and make people look past and even repsect her color ever more.
Much as creative people and Beyonce’s well-selected arsenal of advisers naturally thought over the March issue of L’Officiel Paris, a fashion magazine that had been publishing since 1921 that targets the upper-income women of 25 to 49, one of Beyonce’s photo for the magazine is getting a very negative attention.
Paying tribute to Fela Anikulapo Kuti, a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, musician and composer, a pioneer of afrobeat music, a human rights activist and a political maverick, L’Officiel chose Beyonce to grace their cover for their 90th anniversary issue.
The controversial photo shows Beyonce’s face painted browner than her obviously already painted skin. In hindsight, though much diplomatic talk on “reducing an entire race to one brown color” surfaced as a sign of distaste for this photo majority of people (whether they’re black or not) would naturally feel puzzled and even slighted for the singer seems to be making it recently a way of life already to appear with a slightly lighter skin.
Remember the picture wherein she just had dinner at the White House in May? Not to mention the uproar that her L’Oreal ad made when it was obvious her skin tone was digitally altered to make her look white. Just this week a paparazzi shot of her in blue caused a debate if it was just the light that caused her bleached appearance all the way from head to feet.
 Beyonce white at the White House in May.
 L’Oreal ad in April.
 Recent paparazzi shot of a very white Beyonce.

Controversial photoshoot.

L’Oreal prefers a whiter Beyonce.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Son-in-law Headed for a Mental Institution?

It was just in July 31 of 2010 that America’s former first couple Bill and Hillary Clinton gave away their only child, daughter Chelsea, in a $5 million marriage to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky.

Then barely six months into that marriage it was reported that Marc resigned from his job at the financial firm G3 Capital and holed up in a skiing resort without Chelsea. Reports indicated fights regarding starting a family as the reason.
As soon as this rumor was out the political machine of the Clintons did its work and the couple was soon seen arm-in-arm at amfAR’s gala. After that the (low-key) couple had been seen in different places, both in formal and usual wear, out and about no doubt selling the “We are Still Okay” slogan.
Recent comments on the severity of a Clinton husband resigning from his job was shed light to when friends of the couple, according to a magazine, said that Marc might be heading for a nervous breakdown and a mental insitution.
Family is still indicated the heart of the problem but this time it was supposed to be the insistence of the former first couple that Marc cut ties with his father, Ed Mezvinsky, who had gone to prison for fraud when he was still an Iowa congressman.
With how the Clintons shielded Chelsea from the public glare and rear her into the PhD student she is now at New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service, the Clintons could’ve nonetheless easily suggested and even manuevered her to stay away from the son of a former convict.
But I no doubt also that being a Clinton son-in-law is in no way a walk in the park.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Glimpse of Royal Wedding Invitation of Prince William

The Royal Wedding Invitation

The number of invites, according to reports, ran from 1,800 to 1,900 that though the Lord Chamberlain’s office had started sending them Thursday evening it lasted til Friday to get them all out.
About 1,000 invites went to family and friends, 50+ invites went to royals and the rest went to royal foreign families, politicians and dignitaries.
Time really does fly. It seems just a fortnight that the whole world got excited when the first-born of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles announced his engagement to an upper-middle-class commoner, 5′11” Kate Middleton.
Kate and William in one of the last weddings they attended as guests.
And now the invitations to the most-watched-out-for-wedding on April 29 are out.
Stamped with Queen Elizabeth’s royal golden insignia “The Marriage of His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales, K.G. with Miss Catherine Middleton” would take place at 11 a.m. Guests are supposed to be in “uniform, morning coat or lounge suit.”
Prince Harry would be William’s Best Man, Pippa (Kate’s sister) would be Maid of Honor and Lady Louise, Prince William’s cousin and Prince Edward’s (William’s uncle and youngest child of Queen Elizabeth) eldest child would serve as a flower girl.
The heir and the spare, Princess Diana’s precious boys, William and Harry.  Harry would be his brother’s Best Man.
Sister-in-arms:  Kate and Pippa Middleton.  Pippa is Kate’s Maid of Honor.
Seven-year-old Lady Louise, Prince Edward’s eldest child and Prince William’s first cousin, would be a flower girl.
However, much as happiness would wash over those coveted few who would get one of the 1,900 invitations to sit at Westminster Abbey much thrill would be experienced by those 600 attendees who would receive another invitation to lunch with the queen and the couple following the ceremony with a remaining 300 attendees (to receive another invite) to spend the evening dance and dinner which would be hosted by Prince Charles to celebrate his eldest son and heir and his new daughter-in-law’s special day.

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Former Bankable Teen Star Frankie Muniz’ 911 Call

Elycia Turnbow and Franki Muniz

He gained popularity as the genuis boy from a family of six, then later seven, children who despises taking classes for gifted kids.

Starring as Malcom in the critically acclaimed Malcolm in the Middle since 2000 this TV sitcom enjoyed six seasons of 151 episodes. It was during this time that Frankie Muniz (with films on the sidelines), was considered one of Hollywood’s most bankable teens.

Why we all loved him.  Frankie Muniz in Malcolm in the Middle.

In 2008 he took a hiatus from his acting career to be a racecar driver and had competed already in the Atlantic Championship. He also became a drummer for the band You Hang Up.

Frankie as a racecar driver.

Frankie as a drummer in You Hang Up.

Though Frankie, 25, had about seven projects in TV guestings and movies after his Malcolm in the Middle stint which already includes two movies in the current span of this temporary acting hiatus, none ever registered in the same magnitude as his recent call for 911 to help pacify Elycia Turnbow, his current girlfriend, who was “going crazy” and “thrashing my house” after “having a rough day” because they are on “the verge of breaking up”.

Frankie was at first hesitant to give his name stating he “doesn’t want a big deal because (he) is a celebrity”. Admitting he’s “about to lose control” when Elycia kept on hitting him the dispatcher, who received his call, commended him for “doing the right thing”.

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