Sunday, February 20, 2011

Former Bankable Teen Star Frankie Muniz’ 911 Call

Elycia Turnbow and Franki Muniz

He gained popularity as the genuis boy from a family of six, then later seven, children who despises taking classes for gifted kids.

Starring as Malcom in the critically acclaimed Malcolm in the Middle since 2000 this TV sitcom enjoyed six seasons of 151 episodes. It was during this time that Frankie Muniz (with films on the sidelines), was considered one of Hollywood’s most bankable teens.

Why we all loved him.  Frankie Muniz in Malcolm in the Middle.

In 2008 he took a hiatus from his acting career to be a racecar driver and had competed already in the Atlantic Championship. He also became a drummer for the band You Hang Up.

Frankie as a racecar driver.

Frankie as a drummer in You Hang Up.

Though Frankie, 25, had about seven projects in TV guestings and movies after his Malcolm in the Middle stint which already includes two movies in the current span of this temporary acting hiatus, none ever registered in the same magnitude as his recent call for 911 to help pacify Elycia Turnbow, his current girlfriend, who was “going crazy” and “thrashing my house” after “having a rough day” because they are on “the verge of breaking up”.

Frankie was at first hesitant to give his name stating he “doesn’t want a big deal because (he) is a celebrity”. Admitting he’s “about to lose control” when Elycia kept on hitting him the dispatcher, who received his call, commended him for “doing the right thing”.

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