Sunday, February 20, 2011

Glimpse of Royal Wedding Invitation of Prince William

The Royal Wedding Invitation

The number of invites, according to reports, ran from 1,800 to 1,900 that though the Lord Chamberlain’s office had started sending them Thursday evening it lasted til Friday to get them all out.
About 1,000 invites went to family and friends, 50+ invites went to royals and the rest went to royal foreign families, politicians and dignitaries.
Time really does fly. It seems just a fortnight that the whole world got excited when the first-born of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles announced his engagement to an upper-middle-class commoner, 5′11” Kate Middleton.
Kate and William in one of the last weddings they attended as guests.
And now the invitations to the most-watched-out-for-wedding on April 29 are out.
Stamped with Queen Elizabeth’s royal golden insignia “The Marriage of His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales, K.G. with Miss Catherine Middleton” would take place at 11 a.m. Guests are supposed to be in “uniform, morning coat or lounge suit.”
Prince Harry would be William’s Best Man, Pippa (Kate’s sister) would be Maid of Honor and Lady Louise, Prince William’s cousin and Prince Edward’s (William’s uncle and youngest child of Queen Elizabeth) eldest child would serve as a flower girl.
The heir and the spare, Princess Diana’s precious boys, William and Harry.  Harry would be his brother’s Best Man.
Sister-in-arms:  Kate and Pippa Middleton.  Pippa is Kate’s Maid of Honor.
Seven-year-old Lady Louise, Prince Edward’s eldest child and Prince William’s first cousin, would be a flower girl.
However, much as happiness would wash over those coveted few who would get one of the 1,900 invitations to sit at Westminster Abbey much thrill would be experienced by those 600 attendees who would receive another invitation to lunch with the queen and the couple following the ceremony with a remaining 300 attendees (to receive another invite) to spend the evening dance and dinner which would be hosted by Prince Charles to celebrate his eldest son and heir and his new daughter-in-law’s special day.

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