Saturday, February 26, 2011

Justin Bieber’s Ego Out of Control

 Counting five the totality of the reported acts of diva behavior none was caught live on television as the one that Justin exhibited in the US chat show The Talk.
Still doing the rounds promoting his book “First Step 2 Forever” and his movie “Never Say Never” Justin screams “Don’t touch my hair! ” when one of The Talk’s hosts tried to put a cap on his head. He’d rather have three eyes than wear the cap that has the name of the show on it he says.
Obviously the handlers and even his mother are only doing the job of enjoying everything that comes with being associated with him.
It had also been reported that in May he told a production team member of an Australian show “not to f****** touch me again” when he was merely being instructed where to perform.
This young generation’s hero even did a walkout at Radio 1’s Big Weekend when he was asked about his tattoos.
Last week when he received the gong for Best International Breakthrough Act at the Brit’s Awards he demanded the best table and asked access to all areas.
Last year there was even one TV host who candidly admitted that Justin is a spoiled brat.
In fairness sake, with the fact that he had known nothing and was taught nothing since he was little than hone his talent in the hope of a better life the boy does get tired. Though everyone has a wicked side that always comes up during tense, tiring moments this is very much expected in the case of this seventeen-year-old who works to support his mom and the people he employs and those who employ him.
If Justin’s handlers and mother aren’t doing their work maybe the parents of his young fans do theirs. Treat it like Rated PG during every viewing.

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