Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kate Middleton Successfully Starts Life as a Princess (-to-be)

 In their first official task in Wales since announcing their wedding on April 29 Prince William and his soon-to-be wife (and soon-to-be Duchess, probably) Kate Middleton launched an RNLI lifeboat, Atlantic 85 Hereford Endeavour, off Anglesey on the northwest coast of Wales.
Around 1,000 braved the cold on the seaside village of Trearddur Bay to catch a glimpse of the beautiful brunette who would soon be living in their midst after marrying the second-in-line to the English throne. William is assigned in their locale as a military pilot. Reports of Kate sightings out and about doing shopping and groceries in town are also abundant with the local crowd paying respect by not bothering her.
Giving the beaming smile the world is now getting accustomed to Kate looked confident as she poured the champagne over the boat. She was also commended for singing the Welsh national anthem perfectly.
Showing the brand of a young royal couple more in touch with reality and the public William and Kate were praised for apologising to the people for keeping them out. Kate even reportedly told an onlooker that “You’re going to need a warm cup of tea after this.”
She was then handed a bunch of daffodils as well as two framed photos of a young Prince William with the late Princess Diana and Prince Harry to which Kate laughed indicating William’s knees.
As for Kate’s attire to which she would forever be watched out for royal watchers are keen to point out with pride that Kate seems to be putting an end to the notion that more is better. Her brown coat seemed to be that of the one she was pictured in way back 2006 though this time she seemed to have it cut shorter for a new look.
Good for her. About time someone prominent as she is is teaching a lot of women a valuable lesson.

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