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Victoria Beckham's Look-a-Like Daughter in Ultrasound

She's going to be the child of a former Spice Girl, designer and sports superstar.

At long last after three boys (Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, eight, and Cruz, six), several attempts and a race against the big 4-0 Victoria Beckham at 36 and husband David Beckham, 35, are 4 months short of having a daughter for the first time.

Certainly being the 52nd richest woman in Britain and having a joint wealth with football superstar husband totaled at £112 million the Beckhams could afford to wish and try for one more addition to their family.

This pregnancy is their longed for daughter. Though fate already gave them sure heirs to Beckham's ability to bend the ball in mid-air they couldn't be faulted in wanting a girl especially if the mother would be one who is unbelievably slim and fashionable as Victoria. Besides where would all of her clothes go?

Having had a thorough moving image courtesy of a 4D scan at five months it was reported that both parents were ecstatic over the appearance of their daughter. Victoria even delightedly already claimed her daughter's nose as her own.

The only dampener on Victoria's happiness is the possibility that the former Spice Girls might reunite.

Though the global-phenomenon-of-a-band already reunited happily years ago it's now reported that two of the former Spice Girls are not happy at the thought of another pending reunion.

Rumors of a collection of unheard Spice Girls hits planned for release is enough to divide the group as members Victoria and Emma are both pregnant. Emma is seven months along the way with her long-time-live-in beau-of-11-years' child. This would be her second kid.

 On her side Victoria wants to concentrate on her humonguously successful designing career which is garnering one-of-a-lifetime-great reviews and is experiencing a tremendous amount of success. Even the soon-to-be-princess, Kate Middleton, is rumored to be one of her ever-growing no. of clients.

So far, with the Spice Girl's album's release bent on keeping the girl power memory alive, only Mel B. and Mel C. are for it transpiring at any moment. Geri Halliwell seems to be waiting in the sidelines for their fomer manager's decision. So far, as of today, it's a no-go.

Mcdonald’s Launches McWeddings

Yup! They just did. But it’s basically in Hong Kong, just yet.
Though it’s an accepted and understandable reality that many countries’ middle-class and/or upper middle-class people look down on McDonald’s that isn’t the case in Hong Kong.
The idea to hold wedding parties was brought about by a couple who held their wedding party at McDo’s Admiralty branch. Reasoning out that this was where they met and dated this would be where the culmination of their lives would be. Likewise McDonald’s in Hong Kong gets about 10 calls a month from people interested in throwing their wedding bash at McDonald’s.
Seeing “a business opportunity” McDonald’s Hong Kong director of corporate communications and relations Helen Cheung happily proposed this idea to McDonald’s higher powers and now Hong Kong would be the first city in the world to offer McDonald’s nuptial packages.
For $500 (as a starter) there would already be a ceremony, a reception, a wedding cake (made mainly of apples so it’s basically an apple pie) and, of course, catering for up to 100 people. The price might go up depending on what the guests order.
Decent enough of an idea in a country where the average monthly income of a household is around $2,250. It now seems quite a bizarre, stupid and out-of-this-world-idea for some of this generation’s Hong Kong people to spend the usual $29,200 for their wedding.
No alcoholic drinks are permitted so the traditional toast would have to be made with their softdrinks or sundaes. And yes, of course, the food would be filet-o-fish, chicken McNuggets or Big Mac.
Even if the couple’s bill totals to a few thousand Hong Kong dollars they would only get to have a section in the fast food chain.
McDonald’s: It’s where they met, they hanged out in and got married at.
Hmm…I guess that’s one marketing byline McDonald’s would still have to work out with.

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January Jones Slims Down From Size 10 to Size Six Due to Juice Diet

Mad Men’s Betty Draper, January Jones, is slimming down for her role as the diamond shapeshifting mutant also called as White Queen or Emma Frost in the upcoming X-Men spin-off, X-Men: First Class.
Admitting that her character in one of the much-awaited films has an “unrealistic body” highlighted by a costume almost “painted on her” January said making the character physcially realistic is a “challenge”. Thus the 33-year-old reportedly turned to a strict juice diet.
Since X-Men: First Class had already started filming way back August 31st of last year the result of the juice diet had been very evident now showcased by her presence at the Golden Globe awards that she attended during the first month of this year.
Fashion House Versace even got hooked on her new figure and tapped January to do an ad for them. She was naked with nothing but heels and with a well-placed Versace handbag.

Juice dieting is a type of fasting and is even considered as a form of a detox diet wherein only fruit and vegetable juices are consumed. This type of diet can run for as short as two days to a week and warrants vitamin supplements along the way.
Though experts sneer and say that a glass of water would do by itself this form of dieting is a resort used because of religious reasons and even as a form of a crutch to those weaning themselves from unhealthy habits that may have had included consumption of unhealthy beverages and even overeating. However experts all agree that consultation with one’s doctor is a must before doing this form of diet because some illnesses might be aggravated.

January Jones’ day might be like:

Upon Rising:
½ lemon juice in a glass of warm water

Smoothie with pear, rice milk and rice protein powder

Apple juice thinned with water

Chunky vegetable soup

Salad with mixed greens, red peppers and artichokes with garlic, lemon juice and olive oil

Before Bed
1 tbsp. of ground flaxseed in a glass of water

As to the real effect the juice diet had on January we’d see now on July 3, 2011 when X-Men: First Class is due for showing.

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Best Friends

"Best friend" is a term coined by man. "Best friendship" is a special relationship laid out by destiny and chosen to be kept that way by man.
We actually start realizing who our best friend is when we already have our own judgments. When we already had undergone events in this life do we come to realize, appreciate and even depend on how special a person is.
But sometimes a best friend comes even when we are too young to even remember how that special bond started.
I met Daisy when we were 5. So long ago. .. twenty-nine years long ago.
I don't remember much of that first day. She said I just saw her from my grandparents' terrace in my great aunt's (Lola Mameng's) living room. She said I was the one who came over to play. I guess that was a big deal for her since she said she was first introduced to Ate (Filipino term for older sister or relative. In my case she was my first cousin.) Lisa. She said Ate Lisa was not interested in playing with her. Well, Ate Lisa was already nine.
Daisy was not a relative but Lola Mameng, then, was in the process of wooing her and her family to let her take care of Daisy. Daisy happens to look like one of Lola Mameng's daughters when she was younger. Daisy just lost her father and according to that sweet, talkative girl who would always greet my Lola Mameng, a "Good morning, Mam." in the school where she teaches she and her family of 4 would be very lucky already if they would have a sack of sweet potatoes to get them through to 3 meals a day. This touched Lola Mameng and although with meager resources herself she decided to help out this smart little girl.
I didn't know her life story then. I just saw her. I just found her. And I wanted to play...
Daisy was different. I have cousins my age but I never felt comfortable around them. Even my Mom likes her and treats her like one of her own. She would ask Daisy to pluck her strands of white hair, which I grew to hate doing, and she would be paid for those every single strand.
Then, suddenly, she just disappeared. I don't see her anymore. I was only told that I would ask about her. Where she was. What happened to her. When she'd be back. I was only answered with, "She's with her family." and an uncomfortable silence. I waited. And waited. All I know is that she always goes back to her family before to visit and she always returns to Lola Mameng's house. It took a whole lot of a while for me to realize she wouldn't be back anymore.
We were in high school already when I saw her again.
She told me that her family wouldn't want my Lola Mameng's family to "unofficially" adopt her. That was why she disappeared. Then Lola Mameng learned how Daisy was. She became one of those children who is so often pictured as the symbol of poverty here in the Philippines. Children in the streets trying to earn a living. She was selling caramelized bananas and even making rice paper bags to help out her family.
No, she wasn't sad with that. That was the life she grew in. She doesn't know any better. She even grew to laugh about that and say how fun it was to do those things when she was a child. Anyway, Lola Mameng decided to seek out Daisy's mom and offered to help out in her schooling if Daisy would help her clean her house every weekend. I guess Lola Mameng just wanted to be sure that Daisy would be safe somehow and properly schooled. I was very happy that she came back.
But we were never able to start where we let off. We're in high school this time around. Even hanging out together, then, became impossible even if we went to the same school. We were separated by class sections. Coping with my classmates, who happen to be scholars from different elementary schools of the city, took up most of my time.
When I'd get the opportunity I'd drop by next door and visit her. That was very seldom though.
Until that time when my father sent me out of the house. I stayed next door - in Lola Mameng's house. That was when I noticed a Daisy that was different. Daisy wouldn't let me even wash the dishes or even sweep the floor. Daisy would insist she does it. These were always uncomfortable situations. I felt bad because I was sensing that something was different. Something that wasn't there before. It felt bad. We used to play together and while away the time... Now it seems we're growing apart. She is choosing to be apart.
It was then that I wrote her a letter apologizing for my silly frankness at times but insisting that I'm grateful that she is my friend. I don't know how she sees me as a friend but I don't care if I'm not her best friend. She is my one and only best friend and the only best friend I would always choose to have.
I guess that letter broke the ice. She didn't really got to talk about anything that has anything to do with the letter but I felt a curtain was lifted. Guess, it was one of those teenage things when you feel you're different. Or somebody, you feel, is far better different.
But hey, we are all different. From the start anybody can see that. Anybody and everybody knows that. A person even with a pinch of sense would know that. But we also know that that isn't always the first thing we see when we made that first smile and found ourselves hanging out together. We don't choose our best friend. They just become one. It is only later in life do we get to choose whether we'd keep them as one.
That was then. I meant that is the story, then. We seldom almost never see each other anymore. I have my own life now. So does she. I think it is going to be 6 years since she got married. However, she still doesn't have that child she and her husband had been hoping for.
That was Daisy. That is Daisy. My best friend.
She was not my soul mate. Can never be. She, with her quick wit and even quicker tongue and a heart of gold. Me, with my tight lips and whip of a tongue once it starts wagging and a heart of stone if I choose to. But she always lights up my day when I see her and feels like no one else lives in this world when we're together.
And she's the best friend I had then and choose to still have.

Michelangelo's Statue of 'David' Might Collapse

The statue of 'David' was inspired by the biblical character who killed the giant Goliath with a single stone from his slingshot. Because of this the name David had been the eternal epitome of anything small but terrible (in the best sense of the word). Thus when the city of Florence needed something to symbolize their city in 1501 the 'David' had been commissioned to Michelangelo to symbolize their city's ability to fight off bigger powers. It took three years for the great artist to finish this masterpiece.

This marble giant of a statue statue had been found to suffer cracks or micro-fissures, specifically on his legs and particularly many on his ankles as far back as 2004. These cracks were thought to have appeared way before 1873 when the statue was brought in after 350 years of being outside showcased in Florence's Piazza della Signoria.

Now, six years later, there are talks that this iconic 17-foot-5,572 kg.-statue is bound to collapse.

The cracks were thought to have been caused not only because of the three-hundred-plus-years the statue spent in the outdoors but also because the mere posture of the statue naturally warrants so. Also the marble used to carve off the statue was discovered not to be of high quality and the continuous influx of the 1.5 million tourists who go to Accademia Gallery to see the 'David' yearly also adds to the threat.

Now the tremors and vibrations of the four-mile-high-speed railway and six-level underground train station being constructed beneath Florence, done to improve the city's links with Rome and Milan, is being pointed out as the final straw that would eventually topple one of the world's most recognizable and beloved statues.

Pledges to move the 'David' to a purpose-built museum is now being made in Florence together with the outcry to stop the railway construction.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Natalie Portman Glamorizes Pregnancy Out of Wedlock

Former Arkansas governor and 2012 U.S. presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee seemingly slammed Oscar winner Natalie Portman.
During his interview courtesy of radio host Michael Medved Huckabee mentioned how unfortunate society seems to pay attention, respect and even glamorize women having children out of wedlock. Adding explanation the only way he knows how, as a person who worked in the government, Huckabee said that since most single moms are very poor and uneducated the government takes responsibility over their kids providing them food and health care. This is what the public takes for granted nor even foresees. Huckabee also added the enormous financial struggles single mothers face on their predicament. He points out that not every single mother makes a million dollars a year appearing in movies.
These scorching statements were made after Medved mentioned the Oscars and Portman’s pregnancy. Since Huckabee’s interview is in relation with his book A Simple Government he became the politician he ought to be equipped with his values, textbook diplomacy and assertiveness on his beliefs that normally spells hatred from anyone ran over along the way.
Sparking media frenzy due to these comments Huckabee insisted in a later statement that he isn’t out attacking Portman and that his comments were only about “the statistical reality”.
Nice and intelligent Portman surely knows this.
Huckabee also added that he is happy Portman is going to marry the father of her baby.
To make sure all of his bases are covered Huckabee even took to Facebook to explain his side.
So far Portman’s camp hadn’t commented.
Many know that Huckabee isn’t hitting or attacking Portman. Huckabee just saw an opportunity for added attention, saw the facts presented to him having parallels in basic textbook knowledge and eventually gave his verdict. Anyone out for blood against Portman could easily use her religion, which she values so much, in opposition to her out-of-wedlock-pregnancy. That’s the easiest, surest and da_ning way to hit someone in Portman’s position.

Guess Huckabee was really not out to hurt anyone all along.

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Lindsay Lohan Barred From Madonna and Demi Moore’s Oscar After-party

 Not to make fun of but just plainly make everyone aware that sheer talent and a little past success sometimes just wouldn’t make the cut.
Well, maybe not, but it would be the case for the pathetic Lindsay Lohan who had nothing but herself and her parents to blameTroubles for the once most promising talent of her generation started when Lindsay moved out to LA on her own. Dina Lohan, Lindsay’s mom, reasoned that had two more younger children to take care of and thus had no choice but to let Lindsay live alone. Because of the badly selected lineage composed of the attention-loving Dina and trouble-magnet Michael, Lindsay’s father, troubles started as quickly than her mother could ask how Lindsay’s doing in L.A.
Still, Lindsay managed to borrow money from friends, be accused of stealing every now and then and still was able to find work and rub elbows with some of the elites in Hollywood.
Not so much so now that after being charged with stealing from a jewelry store a $2,500 worth of gold necklace did Hollywood turned its back on Lindsay.
Arriving at Madonna and Demi Moore’s private party at 11 pm the thick-skinned Lindsay turned up uninvited at the Beverly Hills house of talent agent Gus Oseary. Equipped with the mentality that usually comes with beautiful people she thought her (smeared) face and (ragged) name would get her through the door so much so when Gus works for Untitled Entertainment which represents her, Madonna and Demi.
Still she was turned away by the doormen.
When James Brolin, one of the actors of the movie True Grit, arrived and greeted Lindsay the ever unshakable Lohan asked Brolin if he could get her in.
Brolin tried and even his “She’s with me” excuse wasn’t enough to get Lindsay through the door.
When she left Lindsay was surprisingly heard saying how “embarassing” (really?) the situation had been.
Never to let her questionnable self-bought dress go to waste she went to Oscar host James Franco’s party at the Supperclub on Hollywood Boulevard which Franco famously didn’t attend.
Trying to save face and explain why she’s at the D-rated party Lindsay was quoted saying Franco personally invited her when they worked together sometime that week.

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Matt Damon Ditches Obama

Matt Damon had been one of the great celebrity supporters, appearing on campaign and fundraising activities, of the then Democratic candidate for U.S. President Barrack Obama who, among with the majority of Americans, had viewed a new U.S. through Obama's win.

Last year when asked on how he views Obama's performance, the actor and Oscar-winning screenwriter, was keen to admit that he is “disappointed”. However in a show of respect he says the president needs “more time”.

Today, a year later, when asked by CNN's Piers Morgan on whether Obama is doing a good job Damon simply and very forwardly replied, “No.”

Damon is only one in a whole slew of celebrities and even commoners who felt that the first black president of the United States let them down from everything ranging from gay rights, to failure to close a military detention center in Guantanamo Bay to the unfruitful bringing of lawmakers and the American public to rally behind the clean energy bill.

 As to Damon's latest project The Adjustment Bureau with Emily Blunt he didn't quite got away scathe-free since the reviews for this movie had been mixed.

The Adjustment Bureau is about an ambitious politician played by Damon who falls for a ballet dancer played by Blunt. Agents of Fate do everything to prevent David, played by Damon, and Elise, played by Blunt, from being together. In short, the movie is a you-and-me-against-the-world-124-minutes-offering highlighted by the out-of-this-world approach.

Since comments ranging from better movies with the same story already exist to the good chemistry between Damon and Blunt it seems Damon's decision to cast a true yet controversial answer, that would gain headlines and thus add a little more extra dollars to this Universal Pictures offering, in Piers Morgan's show is a clever move to this former Harvard student who left school forHollywood.