Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mcdonald’s Launches McWeddings

Yup! They just did. But it’s basically in Hong Kong, just yet.
Though it’s an accepted and understandable reality that many countries’ middle-class and/or upper middle-class people look down on McDonald’s that isn’t the case in Hong Kong.
The idea to hold wedding parties was brought about by a couple who held their wedding party at McDo’s Admiralty branch. Reasoning out that this was where they met and dated this would be where the culmination of their lives would be. Likewise McDonald’s in Hong Kong gets about 10 calls a month from people interested in throwing their wedding bash at McDonald’s.
Seeing “a business opportunity” McDonald’s Hong Kong director of corporate communications and relations Helen Cheung happily proposed this idea to McDonald’s higher powers and now Hong Kong would be the first city in the world to offer McDonald’s nuptial packages.
For $500 (as a starter) there would already be a ceremony, a reception, a wedding cake (made mainly of apples so it’s basically an apple pie) and, of course, catering for up to 100 people. The price might go up depending on what the guests order.
Decent enough of an idea in a country where the average monthly income of a household is around $2,250. It now seems quite a bizarre, stupid and out-of-this-world-idea for some of this generation’s Hong Kong people to spend the usual $29,200 for their wedding.
No alcoholic drinks are permitted so the traditional toast would have to be made with their softdrinks or sundaes. And yes, of course, the food would be filet-o-fish, chicken McNuggets or Big Mac.
Even if the couple’s bill totals to a few thousand Hong Kong dollars they would only get to have a section in the fast food chain.
McDonald’s: It’s where they met, they hanged out in and got married at.
Hmm…I guess that’s one marketing byline McDonald’s would still have to work out with.

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