Saturday, March 5, 2011

Victoria Beckham's Look-a-Like Daughter in Ultrasound

She's going to be the child of a former Spice Girl, designer and sports superstar.

At long last after three boys (Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, eight, and Cruz, six), several attempts and a race against the big 4-0 Victoria Beckham at 36 and husband David Beckham, 35, are 4 months short of having a daughter for the first time.

Certainly being the 52nd richest woman in Britain and having a joint wealth with football superstar husband totaled at £112 million the Beckhams could afford to wish and try for one more addition to their family.

This pregnancy is their longed for daughter. Though fate already gave them sure heirs to Beckham's ability to bend the ball in mid-air they couldn't be faulted in wanting a girl especially if the mother would be one who is unbelievably slim and fashionable as Victoria. Besides where would all of her clothes go?

Having had a thorough moving image courtesy of a 4D scan at five months it was reported that both parents were ecstatic over the appearance of their daughter. Victoria even delightedly already claimed her daughter's nose as her own.

The only dampener on Victoria's happiness is the possibility that the former Spice Girls might reunite.

Though the global-phenomenon-of-a-band already reunited happily years ago it's now reported that two of the former Spice Girls are not happy at the thought of another pending reunion.

Rumors of a collection of unheard Spice Girls hits planned for release is enough to divide the group as members Victoria and Emma are both pregnant. Emma is seven months along the way with her long-time-live-in beau-of-11-years' child. This would be her second kid.

 On her side Victoria wants to concentrate on her humonguously successful designing career which is garnering one-of-a-lifetime-great reviews and is experiencing a tremendous amount of success. Even the soon-to-be-princess, Kate Middleton, is rumored to be one of her ever-growing no. of clients.

So far, with the Spice Girl's album's release bent on keeping the girl power memory alive, only Mel B. and Mel C. are for it transpiring at any moment. Geri Halliwell seems to be waiting in the sidelines for their fomer manager's decision. So far, as of today, it's a no-go.