Friday, March 4, 2011

Natalie Portman Glamorizes Pregnancy Out of Wedlock

Former Arkansas governor and 2012 U.S. presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee seemingly slammed Oscar winner Natalie Portman.
During his interview courtesy of radio host Michael Medved Huckabee mentioned how unfortunate society seems to pay attention, respect and even glamorize women having children out of wedlock. Adding explanation the only way he knows how, as a person who worked in the government, Huckabee said that since most single moms are very poor and uneducated the government takes responsibility over their kids providing them food and health care. This is what the public takes for granted nor even foresees. Huckabee also added the enormous financial struggles single mothers face on their predicament. He points out that not every single mother makes a million dollars a year appearing in movies.
These scorching statements were made after Medved mentioned the Oscars and Portman’s pregnancy. Since Huckabee’s interview is in relation with his book A Simple Government he became the politician he ought to be equipped with his values, textbook diplomacy and assertiveness on his beliefs that normally spells hatred from anyone ran over along the way.
Sparking media frenzy due to these comments Huckabee insisted in a later statement that he isn’t out attacking Portman and that his comments were only about “the statistical reality”.
Nice and intelligent Portman surely knows this.
Huckabee also added that he is happy Portman is going to marry the father of her baby.
To make sure all of his bases are covered Huckabee even took to Facebook to explain his side.
So far Portman’s camp hadn’t commented.
Many know that Huckabee isn’t hitting or attacking Portman. Huckabee just saw an opportunity for added attention, saw the facts presented to him having parallels in basic textbook knowledge and eventually gave his verdict. Anyone out for blood against Portman could easily use her religion, which she values so much, in opposition to her out-of-wedlock-pregnancy. That’s the easiest, surest and da_ning way to hit someone in Portman’s position.

Guess Huckabee was really not out to hurt anyone all along.

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