Friday, March 4, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Barred From Madonna and Demi Moore’s Oscar After-party

 Not to make fun of but just plainly make everyone aware that sheer talent and a little past success sometimes just wouldn’t make the cut.
Well, maybe not, but it would be the case for the pathetic Lindsay Lohan who had nothing but herself and her parents to blameTroubles for the once most promising talent of her generation started when Lindsay moved out to LA on her own. Dina Lohan, Lindsay’s mom, reasoned that had two more younger children to take care of and thus had no choice but to let Lindsay live alone. Because of the badly selected lineage composed of the attention-loving Dina and trouble-magnet Michael, Lindsay’s father, troubles started as quickly than her mother could ask how Lindsay’s doing in L.A.
Still, Lindsay managed to borrow money from friends, be accused of stealing every now and then and still was able to find work and rub elbows with some of the elites in Hollywood.
Not so much so now that after being charged with stealing from a jewelry store a $2,500 worth of gold necklace did Hollywood turned its back on Lindsay.
Arriving at Madonna and Demi Moore’s private party at 11 pm the thick-skinned Lindsay turned up uninvited at the Beverly Hills house of talent agent Gus Oseary. Equipped with the mentality that usually comes with beautiful people she thought her (smeared) face and (ragged) name would get her through the door so much so when Gus works for Untitled Entertainment which represents her, Madonna and Demi.
Still she was turned away by the doormen.
When James Brolin, one of the actors of the movie True Grit, arrived and greeted Lindsay the ever unshakable Lohan asked Brolin if he could get her in.
Brolin tried and even his “She’s with me” excuse wasn’t enough to get Lindsay through the door.
When she left Lindsay was surprisingly heard saying how “embarassing” (really?) the situation had been.
Never to let her questionnable self-bought dress go to waste she went to Oscar host James Franco’s party at the Supperclub on Hollywood Boulevard which Franco famously didn’t attend.
Trying to save face and explain why she’s at the D-rated party Lindsay was quoted saying Franco personally invited her when they worked together sometime that week.

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