Monday, February 28, 2011

Bombing of The Oscar Hosting

Garnering more attention a fortnight after the Academy Awards aren’t the Oscar winners but Oscar hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco.

Both had been the picture of opposites but both bombed in their own bad, surprising and disappointing way. Franco seemed stubbornly bummbed, disinterested and not the Ph.D.-student-of -Yale-University-quality person he is while Hathaway obviously did her comedic best. Obviously it didn’t save the night. She come across as an amateur and a trying-hard-newbie.

In fairness sake Hathaway and Franco are just the faces of an entire legion of people behind the Academy Awards who put on that show. These two hosts are just the outlet of directors’, writers’ and producers’ totality of bad work and bad decisions.

Hathaway and Franco are both around the 30-something mark which makes them the most probable choice to host the night since producers had been reportedly targeting the younger market. Since both have current mass appeal and enough credentials in their own right to command attention and respect they were the likeliest choice. Which was where everything went wrong.

The old style of the script that these two were spoon-fed for the entire night just didn’t work with the aura and capability of these two talents. These two actors were both trained right from the start to follow a script unlike many of the comedians who had already hosted the Oscars. Almost all of these comedians had stand-up comedy experience that they can just jump off the script, carry on on their own and jump right back again to get on with the flow. Hathaway and Franco may not be comedians but their youth naturally means they are not that well-rounded yet in many forms of entertainment which might include a hosting gig.

Still the 83rd Oscars wouldn’t be remembered with the names of these people behind the scenes but with the two faces that hosted the night which is a total bummer. No wonder Franco skipped his own Oscar-after-party to go back to class the next day which reportedly isn’t transpiring.

This night should serve as a loud warning to future Oscar hosts to be wary of the writers, producers or even director of this last 83rd Academy Awards…or maybe not. They might still be the same roost that would conduct the show next year. Anyway future hosts just better be brave and well-rounded enough to know when to say the script seems to stink. Most of all they should be capable enough to know when to jump off the script and yet be fluidly graceful enough to jump right back in, get on with the show and make it enjoyable for everyone to watch and enjoy.


See you next year at the Oscars.

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