Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Style: What's Wrong with Catherine Zeta-Jones' Look?

She's 40 something plus already and though she's not that active as she once was her looks, talent and current state of married life with cancer-recovering Michael Douglas demand that every little movement she makes become a tabloid fodder.  This also means that how she looks everytime she gets out is magnified, scrutinzed and naturally criticized.
Bad Fashion

Bull's Eye Fashion
Bull's Eye Fashion
Bull's Eye Fashion

Bad Fashion

Bad Fashion
Recently photgraphed doing the school run in New York the actress looked stunningly a little off the fashion mark that, if you come to think of it, she either oftentimes hits bull's eye or just totally miss.

Sporting black leggings, black flat medium-high boots, a black-belted skiing jacket with a black brimmed cap and black leather gloves it is quite surprising how a little weight gain (?) or a lack of one or two accessories from previous shots of her sporting the same attire can spell a whole lot difference.

Oscar winning Catherine Zeta-Jones would reunite with her Zorro co-star Antonio Banderas in “Dali” next year.  The film is to be shot in the UK and Spain and is due for release in 2012.

Men love to play with kitchen utensils

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beauty: Secrets of Celebrity Transformations

Here are celebrities that went through what we did – that akward phase of growing up.

Though blessed with incredibly good genes and talent they undoubtedly have had some help from outside forces that made them incredibly good looking and a master in every beauty tip or product they endorse.

Here are their pictures as they go through not so bad transformations to be who they are now coupled with the secrets that we can adapt.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina gets her amazing post-pregnancy figure from yoga and Pilates.  Yoga keeps the body and mind in harmony thus contributing to a healthy state of being while Pilates is known for tightening muscles.

Yon-Ka products is Angelina's must-have beauty aids.  This product line uses the fragrant part of certain plants coupled with their essential oils charged with solar energy packed with vitamins, trace elements, fruit acids, etc.

Angelina also has full body treatments and facials using La Prairie's high-end caviar-based cosmetics. The high amounts of protein and oil in its creams help to produce youthful-looking skin and reduce the appearance of veins.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth cleanses her skin with a mixture of olive oil, coarsely ground coffee and Turbinado sugar.  Olive oil does not clog pores and moisturizes skin, ground coffee is a natural exfoliant and Turbinado sugar is also an exfoliant considered milder than salt.

Her next step is blending oatmeal and honey, before finally rubbing in aloe vera juice to reduce redness on her skin.

Gwyneth reduces puffy eyes by putting cold spoons on them, or cotton wool soaked in milk.  Coldness reducing puffiness is old knowledge and milk moisturizing skin is true.  As for the purpose of the cotton wool? Search me.

Gwyneth also attempts to banish wrinkles with daily facial exercises – she sticks her tongue out as far she can and opens her eyes wide for 30 seconds.

Gwyneth revives skin by slathering her body in extra virgin coconut oil after a bath.  Word of caution to the acne prone for coconut oil, no matter how virgin it is, clogs pores.

Like Angelina Jolie Gwyneth also uses La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Luxe Body Emulsion.

Halle Berry

Lips:  Kiehl's Lip Balm No. 1.  It keeps Halle's lips moist without adding too much shine.  She also uses Revlon Crème Gloss in Wine Anytime for this has a lipstick coverage while leaving the feeling of putting on a lip gloss.

Eyelashes:  Revlon Fabulash Mascara.  It lengthens and thickens her lashes the way she wants it.

Hair:  Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner.  It calms Miss Berry's curls and gives them definiton.

Skin:  Kinara Lactic Acid Hyrdrating Serum.  She loves the way this makes her oily skin stays moisturized without feeling greasy.

Jennifer Aniston

A known Feng Shui believer this superstar sticks to what has worked for her from the beginning (defintely a feng shui cardinal rule).

1. She stuck with the same stylist.  They've been working together for 17 years already.  Because of this her hairstylist got to know her that much so he was able to develop an iconic hairstyle that only Jennifer owned and still owns:  “The Rachel” hair.  This hairstyle launched a whole lot of copycats.

2. Jennifer Aniston also had the same brow stylist for 10 years already.

3. Neutrogena soap – the soap that she started using since her teens.  Just the plain, clear, amber- colored Neutrogena bar.  She says, “Its cheap and it works!”

Jennifer Lopez

1. She gets at least 8 hours of sleep.  No indication of tiredness should show on this pop diva's skin.

2. She applies moisturizer, sunscreen and little makeup.  She observes that too much makeup makes her look old.

3. Jennifer Lopez loves to eat fish.  It has one of the least no. of calories in the protein family.

4. She also snacks on fresh apples with a tablespoon of organic peanut butter.  Apples for the fiber and carbs and peanut butter for the protein.  Almost like a complete meal.

5. She uses self-tanners and bronzers and avoids the sun.

6. She prefers to make her lips look fuller with shimmer.

7. She removes her makeup with Vaseline and is known to use this on other body parts.  Looks like she doesn't break out easily for Vaseline also clogs pores.

Julia Roberts

The pretty woman is known for her low-maintenane look and lifestyle.  A no-nonsense beauty who works more with what she has than create what she doesn't have.

Nails:  She soaks them in olive oil for a few minutes to protect them and soften her cuticles.

Hair:  She employs Serge Normant who is a favorite of leading fashion magazines and celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Isabella Rossellini, Kate Hudson, Elizabeth Hurley, Reese Witherspoon, Ellen Barkin and Julianne Moore.

Kate Winslet

The Titanic beauty swears by these time-tested favorites of hers.

1. Avon Pro-To-Go Lipstick in Cherry Glisten

2. Jillian  Dempsey for Avon Eyeshadow Trio in Pebble Wash especially for red carpet makeup.

3. Shu Uemura Blotting Papers that she always carries.  They were once mistaken as an acceptance speech script in an awards ceremony.

4. Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser.  It takes away redness and swelling of her skin caused by flying or prosthetics.

5. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler – Kate Winslet's everyday essential.

6. Serge Lutens Lip Crayon in Nude

7. Lancôme High Résolution Eye – reduces puffiness and dark circles under her eyes.

8. Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra – foundation that stays on in film and real life.

9. The Body Shop Lip Butter which she also uses on her two kids.

They have it.  They take care of it.  Some use age old beauty secrets.  Others rely on products.  Whatever it is they basically just use what works for them.

Cheers to women and to beauty.