Saturday, March 26, 2011

Aquarium Table

The taken for granted aquariums basically started with man’s tendency to recreate his natural environment within the comforts of his own home.
Not surprisingly no other environment comes to man’s mind firsthand than that where he feels closest and at peace with. Most of the time this is the sea – the first place where we, as a single-celled organism, developed from.
Thus first came the classic, humble container of a marine specimen – the fish bowl. Because of man’s inquisitiveness, resourcefulness and creativity implements to make that fish bowl resemble like the ocean floor were invented, became popular and even came and went.
 Always opting for more and always working towards something newer and better that humble classic fish bowl evolved to the more popular rectangular fish tank that also came in various sizes. It even now includes the unimaginably big tunnels that house all forms, kinds and sizes of marine life and aquatic plants.
Taking center stage in fish lovers’ awareness these days is another innovation of the fish tank: the “aquarium table”.
Not the naturally occuring idea of a table where one put one’s aquarium on to showcase it. Aquarium tables these days basically means that container of fishes and other marine life used as a table.
An aquarium table is a glass-topped aquarium that is technically a glass table with an aquarium in the center that allows visual pleasure from onlookers from all angles. Its beleveled glass allows the fish peace even when something is laid on its top. Many aquarium tables come with an opening on its top where one can put in food. Aquarium tables’ glass top is easily removable for convenience very much needed when its time to add some more fish, clean the tank or merely redecorate.
Many aquarium tables being sold now come with almost everything one would need to put in any traditional aquarium with only the freedom of the buyer allowed in buying all the kinds of fish or aquatic plants he wants. With the aquarium table’s size, that can fantastically showcase a fish lover’s collection, it tremendously and surprisingly saves space by having the everyday functionality of a table with the added bonus of visual liquid luxury, serenity, hypnotic quality and endless entertainment of the traditional aquarium.
Table aquariums come in different shapes and sizes. Some aquarium tables even come as big as a boardroom table.
Many aquarium manufacturers provide custom-built aquarium tables that customers have the option of adding finishing touches to like metal, solid wood, laminate finishes or even colored plastic.
Typically requiring between 15 to 40 gallons of water an aquarium table’s price range from $430. Cheaper priced ones always had reported leaking problems.
 A smaller aquarium table is advisable for freshwater aquarium fish and larger, rectangular aquarium tables are advised for saltwater aquarium fishes since they need more space.
Obviosuly a great buy and worth every penny this is one of the most unique, elegant, eye-catching and innovative furniture ever for one’s home, hotel lobby, restaurant or any reception area.
It’s more than a fish tank. It is a centerpiece furniture and a crowd pleaser that guests would be talking about for a long, long time.
And it’s definitely going to be a pleasure to come home to after a long day of work.

High-tech Clouds to Beat Heat in Qatar’s 2022 World Cup

It’s always a world class bid as the richest countries vie to get a chance to host this most amazing international event that started in 1930, held every four years, belonging to the soccer world.
FIFA, the international governing body for soccer (football), requires detailed and painstaking regulations and specifications regarding security, transport, accomodation, training facilities, opening and closing ceremonies, marketing, promotions, ticketing, insurance and other administrative matters among those countires who bid to host World Cup that it naturally makes only the richest countries who have multiple surplus funds to have the guts to bid for a hosting stint that would pump more money into their economy. Reports of a billion-dollar-budget for a World Cup turning to as big as $5 billion is not something new anymore.
 Though it’s only 2011 the host country for the World Cup is already secured until 2022. Brazil would host in 2014 and Russia would take over in 2018.

Qatar, the host of the World Cup 11 years from now, attracted humongous attention lately when it promised an artificial cloud that would keep everyone watching the World Cup cool and comfortable.
The emirate of Qatar is known from being a British protectorate that transformed itself to a small country with the world’s largest per capita production and hence one of the richest who is reliant on its enormous oil and natural gas reserves.

The World Cup usually has 32 teams competing for the title at different venues in its host nation. This happens for about a month and is popularly known as the World Cup Finals. These teams come from a qualification phase which transpires during the three years before every World Cup. The current champion is Spain.
The 19 World Cups have the following tally of winners: Brazil (noted for playing all the time) = 5, Italy = 4, Germany = 3, Argentina = 2, Uruguay = 2 , England = 1, France = 1 and Spain = 1.
Qatar won the 2022 bid by promising that its nine new open-air stadiums would be air-conditioned. They recently announced an artificial cloud that would come in a flat and rectangular mechanism built on light carbonic materials that would hover above the stadiums and provide shade controlled by a remote control and ran on solar power . This would add an additional $500,000 to Qatar’s budget.
This is Qatar’s answer to concerns about its country’s heat since they began pursuing a World Cup hosting gig in 2009. Qatar’s average temperature in July is 106 degrees with temperatures reaching as high as 120. Because of this Qatar is hosting the World Cup on January instead of the traditional July. Qatar’s January temperature has an average high of 71 degrees.
They would be the smallest nation to host a World Cup. Qatar had beaten the U.S., Australia, Japan and South Korea to host this 2022 event.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Funniest and Latest Youtube Sensation: Baby Emerson

These times when the world experiences tragedy, is worried and cries as one it does seem very uplifting and very hopeful that everyone of any culture and every generation gets to share a few precious laughs every now and then.

Canadian Baby Emerson, as the world knows him now, just went viral and is now a universal official tickler brightening everyone’s day and guaranteeing fits of laughter and giggles along the way.
In a world where a mere million hits in YouTube might spell the new Justin Bieber Baby Emerson had gotten over the things that hindered “the Bieber” to accumulate such number of hits in a short time. Though cynics look at babies as responsible for making everyone’s days shorter, nights longer, bank accounts smaller and making anyone’s clothes shabbier there is still that universal unspoken importance and real reason why inspite of any baby’s potential exposure to everything bad and depressing the world has to offer babies are still and would always be harbingers of everything funny and sweet with aassurance of making love stronger, homes happier, making us forget the past and look forward to the future.

By March 21 Baby Emerson passed cultural and “things that are interesting” barriers to come up with over 7 million views or hits in a video which his mother posted only “for family and friends” on March 14.
These times when the world experiences tragedy, is worried and cries as one it does seem very uplifting and very hopeful that everyone of any culture and every generation gets to share a few precious laughs every now and then.

 With a first-time mom being sick for a week Baby Emerson’s mother noticed his funny reaction everytime she would blow her nose. Setting up her camera to immortalize her 5 ½ month-old-baby’s reaction she 
gifted the world with a blue-eyed bundle of joy giving a startled horrified expression with his eyes openinquite wide, his entire body tensing with some obvious instances of him even holding his breath and then breaking into that universal shriek of laughter the way only babies can.

Though by this time Baby Emerson isn’t horrified 
and isn’t laughing anymore whenever his mommy blows her nose it’s a sure bet that by the time he grows up he would be that much surprised over the number of hits his video received. The gravity of interest of American talk shows like Good Morning America and CNN is also quite surprising since some of them even offered to fly his family over to America and have them stay a couple of days in a hotel just for an exclusive interview with their passports and everything they need taken cared ofSomeone even made a spoof of Baby Emerson’s video with Charlie Sheen preceding Baby Emerson’s startled expression.

The original video posted by Baby Emerson’s mother now has “Ads by Google”. You can show your appreciation for how this little bundle of joy brightened up your day everytime you click on one of his page’s Google ads. This would go to a fund for Baby Emerson’s education.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nuclear Cleanup Staff Told Japanese Survivors to Run and Reveals Governments Lie

One of the scientists in Chernobyl’s nuclear accident cleanup staff (that involved 13 scientists and about 800,000 “cleaners” or “liquidators”) bravely revealed astonishing facts when asked on her reaction on the latest nuclear accident – the Fukushima I nuclear accident that is still a series of ongoing nuclear equipment failures that releases radioactive materials brought about by the March 11, 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Natalia Manzurova, then 35, is one of the 13 scientists who was directly involved in the long cleanup of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster in Northern Ukraine. She and her colleagues were summoned just four days after the Chernobyl nuclear accident that forced 100,000 people to evacuate from what is still called the dead zone.
It was April 26, 1986 when this second from the latest nuclear radiation accident occurred. However it is still considered the worst nuclear power plant accident in history. This tragedy happened during a systems test at Chernobyl’s reactor number four. A sudden power output surge suddenly took place. When an emergency shutdown was tried a more severe spike in power output occurred. This led to a reactor vessel rupturing followed by a series of explosions.
Nuclear plants help provide electricity. The U.S., France and Japan provide the world’s 50% supply of nuclear-generated-electricity. Though proven to reduce carbon emissions there are still many who are opposed to nuclear power plants’ existence due to the potential risks it poses to the people.
Now, at 59, Manzurova considers herself the luckiest among her 12 colleagues who already died. She only had her thyroid removed and is now living on thyroid hormones. She also suffers from quite a number of health problems after spending 4 ½ years doing Chernobyl radiation cleanup. Though, as part of the cleanup crew, they wore dosimeters that measure radiation which they regularly submitted to their boss they were never told of the results.
A tumor was found during one of the routine medical checkups during her Chernobyl work. She would feel like having the flu, get a hight temperature and start to shiver. At 43 she would get epileptic-like fits that even made doctors consider putting her in a psychiatric ward. In the long run they admitted that her radiation exposure was the reason.
This tumor didn’t deter her from continuing her work in Chernobyl. She said the government passed a law that states that the retirement benefits of scientists like her doing the radiation cleanup would only be made availabe if they have worked not a day less of 4 ½ years.

Pressed by AOL news regarding the Japanese government’s statement saying that the Fukushima accident is not as bad as the Chernobyl accident Manzurova stated that governments do not always tell the truth. Governments “wouldn’t even compensate what the people involved had lost”. She also added that the impact of such catastrophes that involve the “powerful” nuclear industry cannot be measured for years and it’s better if people would just “run away as quickly as possibe” and “not (to) wait”.
She praised the great sacrifices of the Fukushima workers but disclosed the reality that the nuclear industry is developed in such a way that its executives cannot be held accountable to those who would cleanup the mess after such disaster.

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