Friday, March 25, 2011

Funniest and Latest Youtube Sensation: Baby Emerson

These times when the world experiences tragedy, is worried and cries as one it does seem very uplifting and very hopeful that everyone of any culture and every generation gets to share a few precious laughs every now and then.

Canadian Baby Emerson, as the world knows him now, just went viral and is now a universal official tickler brightening everyone’s day and guaranteeing fits of laughter and giggles along the way.
In a world where a mere million hits in YouTube might spell the new Justin Bieber Baby Emerson had gotten over the things that hindered “the Bieber” to accumulate such number of hits in a short time. Though cynics look at babies as responsible for making everyone’s days shorter, nights longer, bank accounts smaller and making anyone’s clothes shabbier there is still that universal unspoken importance and real reason why inspite of any baby’s potential exposure to everything bad and depressing the world has to offer babies are still and would always be harbingers of everything funny and sweet with aassurance of making love stronger, homes happier, making us forget the past and look forward to the future.

By March 21 Baby Emerson passed cultural and “things that are interesting” barriers to come up with over 7 million views or hits in a video which his mother posted only “for family and friends” on March 14.
These times when the world experiences tragedy, is worried and cries as one it does seem very uplifting and very hopeful that everyone of any culture and every generation gets to share a few precious laughs every now and then.

 With a first-time mom being sick for a week Baby Emerson’s mother noticed his funny reaction everytime she would blow her nose. Setting up her camera to immortalize her 5 ½ month-old-baby’s reaction she 
gifted the world with a blue-eyed bundle of joy giving a startled horrified expression with his eyes openinquite wide, his entire body tensing with some obvious instances of him even holding his breath and then breaking into that universal shriek of laughter the way only babies can.

Though by this time Baby Emerson isn’t horrified 
and isn’t laughing anymore whenever his mommy blows her nose it’s a sure bet that by the time he grows up he would be that much surprised over the number of hits his video received. The gravity of interest of American talk shows like Good Morning America and CNN is also quite surprising since some of them even offered to fly his family over to America and have them stay a couple of days in a hotel just for an exclusive interview with their passports and everything they need taken cared ofSomeone even made a spoof of Baby Emerson’s video with Charlie Sheen preceding Baby Emerson’s startled expression.

The original video posted by Baby Emerson’s mother now has “Ads by Google”. You can show your appreciation for how this little bundle of joy brightened up your day everytime you click on one of his page’s Google ads. This would go to a fund for Baby Emerson’s education.

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