Saturday, March 26, 2011

Aquarium Table

The taken for granted aquariums basically started with man’s tendency to recreate his natural environment within the comforts of his own home.
Not surprisingly no other environment comes to man’s mind firsthand than that where he feels closest and at peace with. Most of the time this is the sea – the first place where we, as a single-celled organism, developed from.
Thus first came the classic, humble container of a marine specimen – the fish bowl. Because of man’s inquisitiveness, resourcefulness and creativity implements to make that fish bowl resemble like the ocean floor were invented, became popular and even came and went.
 Always opting for more and always working towards something newer and better that humble classic fish bowl evolved to the more popular rectangular fish tank that also came in various sizes. It even now includes the unimaginably big tunnels that house all forms, kinds and sizes of marine life and aquatic plants.
Taking center stage in fish lovers’ awareness these days is another innovation of the fish tank: the “aquarium table”.
Not the naturally occuring idea of a table where one put one’s aquarium on to showcase it. Aquarium tables these days basically means that container of fishes and other marine life used as a table.
An aquarium table is a glass-topped aquarium that is technically a glass table with an aquarium in the center that allows visual pleasure from onlookers from all angles. Its beleveled glass allows the fish peace even when something is laid on its top. Many aquarium tables come with an opening on its top where one can put in food. Aquarium tables’ glass top is easily removable for convenience very much needed when its time to add some more fish, clean the tank or merely redecorate.
Many aquarium tables being sold now come with almost everything one would need to put in any traditional aquarium with only the freedom of the buyer allowed in buying all the kinds of fish or aquatic plants he wants. With the aquarium table’s size, that can fantastically showcase a fish lover’s collection, it tremendously and surprisingly saves space by having the everyday functionality of a table with the added bonus of visual liquid luxury, serenity, hypnotic quality and endless entertainment of the traditional aquarium.
Table aquariums come in different shapes and sizes. Some aquarium tables even come as big as a boardroom table.
Many aquarium manufacturers provide custom-built aquarium tables that customers have the option of adding finishing touches to like metal, solid wood, laminate finishes or even colored plastic.
Typically requiring between 15 to 40 gallons of water an aquarium table’s price range from $430. Cheaper priced ones always had reported leaking problems.
 A smaller aquarium table is advisable for freshwater aquarium fish and larger, rectangular aquarium tables are advised for saltwater aquarium fishes since they need more space.
Obviosuly a great buy and worth every penny this is one of the most unique, elegant, eye-catching and innovative furniture ever for one’s home, hotel lobby, restaurant or any reception area.
It’s more than a fish tank. It is a centerpiece furniture and a crowd pleaser that guests would be talking about for a long, long time.
And it’s definitely going to be a pleasure to come home to after a long day of work.