Monday, March 28, 2011

Megan Fox: No Walkouts on Her Armani Ad

Industry insiders know that the ability to look good in fashion shoots isn’t a guarantee that one has the talent to act in front of the camera for a movie. Few still shots of carefully selected photos or clips that took days to shoot is nothing compared to what a continually filming camera can capture showcasing all the depth and emotion or lack thereof of any actor. That’s why a universally-considered pretty face capable of a hint of emotion goes a long, long way in the modelling world.
Enter Megan Fox. She is currently doing a brilliant job of being the universal female face and body of Emporio Armani – a brand that carries the Armani name sold in 140 stores around the world.

After multiple viewers in Canada walked out on her latest film Passion Play that Megan Fox’s critics branded as“awful”, a “mess”, and “an absolute car wreck” The Fox is steaming up the web in behind the scenes shots of her latest Emporio Armani Lingerie Ad.

Settling on her 5′6” frame the House of Armani didn’t put a foot wrong when they put Megan Fox in a job that usually requires a minimum height of 5′9” (the acceptable minimum height of any model).
However concerns about the standard anorexic look of models didn’t escape Megan Fox. Some shots of the 24-year-old in the Emporio Armani lingerie ad alarmingly shows her protuding rib cage.
 Though Megan Fox had never been considered on the thick side her skinnier than usual frame caused controversy lately so much so when she was pictured a number of times showing a fancy in wearing her eight-year-old stepson’s clothes.
Now how skinny does one have to be at 5′6” to be able to fit in an eight-year-old’s shirt?
Anorexic or not? You tell me.

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