Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beyonce Accused of Racism

 She’s been considered a princess of her generation. With her looks, talent and inability to put her foot wrong she was able to bring forth what she has to offer and make people look past and even repsect her color ever more.
Much as creative people and Beyonce’s well-selected arsenal of advisers naturally thought over the March issue of L’Officiel Paris, a fashion magazine that had been publishing since 1921 that targets the upper-income women of 25 to 49, one of Beyonce’s photo for the magazine is getting a very negative attention.
Paying tribute to Fela Anikulapo Kuti, a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, musician and composer, a pioneer of afrobeat music, a human rights activist and a political maverick, L’Officiel chose Beyonce to grace their cover for their 90th anniversary issue.
The controversial photo shows Beyonce’s face painted browner than her obviously already painted skin. In hindsight, though much diplomatic talk on “reducing an entire race to one brown color” surfaced as a sign of distaste for this photo majority of people (whether they’re black or not) would naturally feel puzzled and even slighted for the singer seems to be making it recently a way of life already to appear with a slightly lighter skin.
Remember the picture wherein she just had dinner at the White House in May? Not to mention the uproar that her L’Oreal ad made when it was obvious her skin tone was digitally altered to make her look white. Just this week a paparazzi shot of her in blue caused a debate if it was just the light that caused her bleached appearance all the way from head to feet.
 Beyonce white at the White House in May.
 L’Oreal ad in April.
 Recent paparazzi shot of a very white Beyonce.

Controversial photoshoot.

L’Oreal prefers a whiter Beyonce.

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