Thursday, November 11, 2010

Outrageous: Twinkies Diet Made a Man Lose 27 lbs. in Ten Weeks

Mark Haub, a professor of nutrition, participated in an experiment that is supposed to be only his class’ school project. He would like to find out whether it’s the kind of food humans eat that make us lose weight or it’s the amount of calories that we take in that affect our weight.

For 10 weeks Haub ate mostly twinkies and some junk foods that caught his fancy. Haub lost 27 pounds.

Skipping a proper meal and consuming instead one twinkie every three hours his body fat became 24.9% from 33.4%. His bad cholesterol became low by 20% and his good cholesterol was raised by 20%.

For variety Haub substituted the twinkies every now and then with Duncan Hines brownies, Cool Ranch Doritos, Little Debbie cakes, Kellog’s corn pops and Oreos.

Caution to the sudden believers of the Twinkies Diet: big people lose big once they stick to the normal recommended calories.

Prior to this experiment Haub was consuming about 2,600 calories daily. He did the Twinkies (Sugary / Junk Food) Diet but limited himself to only 1,800 calories. One twinkie has 150 calories and that’s less than half of a proper, normal meal. It’s no wonder he lost 27 lbs.