Friday, November 26, 2010

Lifestyle: Princess Beatrice's Secrets in Keeping Marathon Figure

Princess Beatrice with mother Sarah Ferguson.
Having inherited her mother's tendency to put on and retain weight, the Queen's granddaughter and fifth in line to the throne, is naturally chubby.

However due to media intrusion and interest she was knocked to consciousness when unflaterring shots of her in a bikini taken about two years ago surfaced.

Princess Beatrice curvy on the beach in an unflattering bikini in St Barts in April 2008.

Though claiming a bit hurt with the intrusion and feedbacks on her curves but acknowledging that it comes with the territory it was a bit of a blessing when a marathon, that she and her friends signed in, was coming up.  Due to the training she lost about 21 lbs.

Princess Beatrice now maintains her  figure with the help of a trainer and portion control.  She is known to take an active part in every marathon there is whenever her studies in Goldsmiths College would allow her.

Princess Beatrice 21 lbs. less.  Looking svelte in May.

A sample of Princess Beatrice’s diet :

Breakfast: porridge and blueberries

Lunch: salmon with rice salad

Dinner: grilled chicken kebabs and roasted vegetables

Snacks: two oatcakes and peanut butter, pitta and hummus