Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fashion: Kate Middleton, Prince William's Fiance, Shows How to be Fashionable Yet Dignified

At long last it is official.  Sealed with the sapphire engagement ring that once belonged to Princess Diana's Prince William and Kate Middleton are now engaged.  They had been together since university years and though William had other girlfriends before Kate she had been the one constant girl at his side.

Pal Kate eventually became the royal girlfriend.

Having come from an upper middle class family who earned their millions by selling online party accessories Kate is the eldest of three children.  She had gained criticisms for failing to hold a job for a long time and only trying to get one when the heat of her unemployment is turned on.

Being an official consort in the near future is a job.  Her Majesty the Queen said so many times and much as Prince Charles' soon-to-be-daughter-in-law had never held a job for a long time much praise can be said for the dedication Kate put in waiting for William to pop the question.  I think it's's patient.  It's kind.

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