Monday, November 15, 2010

Fashion: Psychology of Dressing Using Colors

One gauge of a person’s character is the persistence of the color he or she has a tendency to wear.

To those who know the psychology of colors this can help bring desired results.  Colors can be used to psych people. 

Here are the most common colors and what they mean and do:

Red represents primal urges:  lust, anger and excitement.  Red represents energy, enthusiasm and confidence.  This is a commanding color that asks for attention.  That’s why the stop sign used in traffic lights and the fire engine, among other objects that require us to stop, is red.

Yellow people are egoistic but full of creative energy.  Similar to red in bringing forth attention and excitement yellow has a more fun undertone.  This is preferred by people who welcome changes.

Blue is inspiration, sincerity, spirituality and calm.  Conservative people like blue. 

White is purity, simplicity and gentleness.  People who love white are (probably) clean and orderly.  White symbolizes good health. 

Black is mystery.  People who like black are secretive but well-worth knowing.  Black evokes perspective and depth.  A fashion staple this color emanates elegance, refinement and prestige.