Saturday, November 20, 2010

Finance: Characteristics of Some of the Richest Countries in the World that Others can Learn from

Luxembourgers are careful and prudent.

Norwegians are passionately hard-working.

It has a small population where many are highly educated.

There is less travel restrictions to Macau's port and Macau uses this on investing in its successful gambling sector.  

Though already globalized Brunei makes sure its citizens retain their heritage.

Singapore's government has a hold on the economy which fares well on its electronics and pharmaceutical industries.  Singapore spends heavily on the public and promotes itself as a friendly and accessible port of international trade.

Americans value individuality.  They are resilient, fair, outspoken, informal yet a stickler for time which is as extreme as in their ways of having fun.  They easily learn from mistakes.  

Hong Kong
Hong Kong people equate time with money.  They pay attention to every detail, are firm in the midst of challenges and highly adaptable to changes.

Many businesses in Hong Kong are family-owned.

Switzerland has business-friendly policies and lenient taxes. The government spends 5% of its GDP on education.  Swiss are modest.

Though having a small population many Dutch rely on the government for benefits that makes sure wealth is distributed broadly.