Wednesday, December 1, 2010

News: WikiLeaks' Julian Assange on Interpol's Arrest at Once

The biggest police organization, Interpol, had WikiLeaks' big boss Julian Assange on their Red Notice Alert.  This means local police of member states can arrest him and hold him for extradition.

Though the reason on Assange being on Interpol's Red Notice isn't because of his whistleblowing on the world's top leaders it is still eyebrow raising regarding the circumstances that he is currently in.

WikiLeaks is on its 291th of its 251,287 plan of document release that several world leaders already termed as the death of diplomacy.

“We're doing about 80 a day and that will step up as other media partners step in.  This organization tries to make the world more civil and act against abusive organizations that are pushing it in the opposite direction.”

As to why he isn't arrested ever at what WikiLeaks is doing, “We have been victorious, in our four-year history, over 100 legal attacks.”

Assange is on the Red List due to charges of rape and sexual molestation in Sweden that happened in August when he was giving lectures on WikiLeaks' publication of classified U.S. Military documents related to the Afghan war.

Through his lawyer, Mark Stephens, Assange affirmed that it was consensual sex.