Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashion: Former Supermodel Linda Evangelista Wardrobe Malfunction?

Nothing major for the former supermodel, Linda Evangelista, 45, isn't as active as she used to be.

However her recent paparazzi shot with her lover, millionaire restauranteur and co-founder of Hard Rock Cafe chain and Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Peter Morton, 64, shows her in a conservative cream suit with her shirt gaping indicating no brassiere.  They were seen leaving their Miami Beach hotel.

As to why the couple who headed for splitsville a  month ago were together is still unknown.  They parted ways over arguments regarding the location of their permanent residence.

The couple met in 2006 when Linda was pregnant with the child reported to be that of Salma Hayek's husband.

Though its quite obvious that something like going 'unsupported' should never be (in most cultures, that is) it is quite obvious that her shirt doesn't show any other button except the one that is located near her throat.   The shirt was probably meant to be worn with a little camisole.

She completed her non-working former supermodel look with her auburn hair in a ponytail and white flat snakeskin style shoes.